New YouTube video! “Less Kvetchin’ n’ Frettin’!”

Less kvetchin’ n’ frettin’, more livin’ n’ givin’!
Video link:
AFFIRM: Today I am appreciating every experience, am relaxed about my life, and am sharing of myself, in a healthy way!

Cassendre Xavier, Singer, Writer & More!
(also working as Amethyste Rah, Amrita Waterfalls, Endowed Goddess, and renaissance negresse. Typical bipolar, ha!)

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When You Want to Eat (Or Otherwise Use), Stop, Breathe & Help Someone

Dear Friends & Total Complete Strangers!

Here is a YouTube video I recorded this morning for anyone in recovery from addiction!

Video Link:

Video Description:
I’m a recovering binge eater new to intermittent fasting to lose weight and reduce my high blood pressure. I had about an hour to wait before I could eat breakfast (18 hours since I ate dinner yesterday), which I wanted to do because when I do that I lose about 2 lbs per week. Even though I was drinking water and trying to stay calm it was very hard to stay away from the food, so I asked my inner wise self what I should do. “Help someone!” came the answer.
So, I went to Thomas Hall’s hypnosis website ( ), found his Patreon link, and signed up with my debit card to be a monthly donor to his wonderful videos, many of which are free on YouTube ( ) and have helped me not binge.
I also decided to record this YouTube video because art is my medicine, speaking and using my voice is my gift, and building and serving community is my mission.
So I hope this helps you, if you are a recovering addict of any kind, be it food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, cutting, shopping, romance/relationships/codependence, sex, or self-sabotage: it’s all “using”, it’s all the same, it’s all addiction (and avoidance).

***When you want to use, stop, breathe, and help someone.***

Be good to yourself, because you are worthy of this and so much more. Also, when you are kind to yourself, you help others, because We are All One 🙂

Make yourself a beautiful day,

Cassendre Xavier
(also working under the names Amethyste Rah, Amrita Waterfalls, and Endowed Goddess)
Multi-media healing artist

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As Far As the Company You Keep

You can go as far as the stars will lead you, as far as your heart yearns, your mind dreams, and your muscles work, but not further than the company you keep or the people you live with.

Cassendre Xavier, Founder & Executive Director of the 12th Black Women’s Arts Festival (Sept. 15-16, 2018, at


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Thanks, CPAP!

Whoo-hoo! I got a full 8 hours and didn’t need to tinkle once. Thank you, CPAP! (Used to be 3-5 times a night, until 2015 when I got my DreamStation device, with its convenient, lightweight carrying case, all fully paid by the Medicaids)! #SleepApnea #BeLessGrumpy #Mood #SexyPeopleUseIt

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Life Happens: Follow Your Bliss Anyway

Making art, being creative, and finding joy no matter what, releases blessings, increases prosperity, attracts miracles, and is its own reward.

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Have you seen or heard me on Spotify yet? :)

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February Holidays & Birthday Wishlist!

Dear Friends & Total Complete Strangers!

I am writing to wish you a very happy February and to remind you of a few snazzy dates that I particularly care about:

The official holidays of the Black Women’s Arts Festival! These are all in February, and they are:

* February: International Month of Black Women in the Arts
* February 7 (founder’s birthday): International Day of Black Women in the Arts
* February 1-7: International Week of Black Women in the Arts

For my birthday (2/7) I have updated my Amazon Wishlist, which yielded some lovely holiday gifts recently, including a Bluetooth keyboard case for my tablet, and an indie self-published Gratitude Journal.

This time my brief and very affordable list includes a charger ($8) for my tablet, platform comfy boots ($39), leggings, a skirt, juicer ($43), spiralizer ($18), lithium orotate ($27) and valerian root ($12), the latter two of which have been my bipolar and PTSD-care staples!

Here is the link:

I have been wanting to write a Me! Me! Me! and an r.n. musecat (renaissance negresse museletter/catalog) for a long time, but have not had the energy, after putting it into day to day living, self-care, and creative projects.

I am hoping that mentioning it here will help motivate me to schedule my life better so that I may also release museletters more often.

Here’s a message from my friend Alex Kudera, author of the award-winning independent press novel Fight for Your Long Day, about the life of the adjunct college professor:

“By chance could you add my current post to your listserv or additional links you have at the end of ME ME ME?
It is not extremely detailed but has some thoughts on Haitians and Africans in West Philly from the 70s to the present.”

Sure, Alex! As a first-generation American of Haitian heritage, who also spent time in Haiti and lived many years in West Philly, I am happy to share your article!

Thank you all and I will write again soon!


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