Goddess Sundays: Pregnancy Is a Metaphor

Goddess Sundays
Where every week we explore feminine aspects of the divine.
Pregnancy Is a Metaphor
by Cassendre Xavier
Being able to co-create and carry life within is a highly admired trait often attributed to wimmin and other female beings. But as we now know, one needn’t be female to create or carry life (many offspring-baring species aren’t), and even humyns without typical wombs can now carry life.
 Even before we knew and made these things, the idea of being pregnant was something that goes beyond the ability to make a baby.
 Are you “pregnant with possibility”? We all are!
 Each one of us is gifted with the ability to co-create a thought, an idea, and take action to help make it happen.
 What do you want to bring into your reality?
 What gift(s) do you have to offer the world, or even more importantly, yourself?
 Don’t think that if you are a male or a wombless female that you cannot be in a way pregnant.
 You can!
 Think today about how you can give birth… to a new part of you… to a dream you have not yet spoken… to perhaps maybe even a whole new life of your own.
 Be a blessing to the world by being a blessing to yourself…Make something happen…
 And give birth.
(c) Copyright 2017 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved.
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Ask that the Solution Be Comfortable

When you pray to leave a situation, ask that it happen in a way that is both best and comfortable for everyone involved. -Cassendre XavierIMG_20170418_163839_985

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One Baby Step at a Time (quote pic)


If a humyn can eat an entire bicycle one little piece at a time, you can accomplish your goals and reach your dreams, one baby step at a time.
Cassendre Xavier, Free 24-hour Inspiration Line 215-552-8850 http://www.cassEndrExavier.wordpress.com



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Happy Enough Right Now


I just wrote this to a collaborator: “I feel really good talking about this! It brings me joy, strength and hope for my future, yet just the doing makes me happy enough right now, even if nothing ever changed for the better. That is how you know you are on the right path and following your bliss!”
May you be blessed with the same, or something better!
Cassendre Xavier (Free, 24-hour Inspiration Line 215-552-8850)

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Singing and Blessing with the Angels

I just sang for and with myself for an hour. The angels were there and we blessed everyone.I-have-sung-for-and-with

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Soulmate Attraction: Don’t Compare Yourself, You are Enough

SOULMATE ATTRACTION: Don’t compare yourself to anyone, whether positive or negative. Everyone has their own unique gifts, strengths, failings and weaknesses. Everyone is perfectly suited for the mates they seek. That means you are enough, and you can relax and focus on living your life with enjoyment and positive expectation!


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Goddess Sundays: You are Miraculously Flexible

GODDESS SUNDAYS (where every week we explore feminine aspects of the divine): Nature is expansive, elastic,and ever generous. Whenever you feel stuck in a situation, thought, or feeling, remember you and these issues are connected to nature and imbued with this feature of miraculous flexibility. Anything is possible with Goddess.



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