black robe sensual with face

Updated 03 April 2016

“If you bring forth that which is within you, that which is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth that which is within you, that which is within you will destroy you.” -Jesus Christ, according to the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

“At 38 I decided to completely accept my sexuality plus design my own religion. Why should others have all the God and unashamed sex?” -Rev. CX (Ordained Interfaith Minister since September 2010)

Since 1991 I have ministered in my own ways through the creative and healing erotic arts. Since 1996 I have wanted to publicly share my erotic journey, but either released nothing or very little due to fear. In 2016 I turned 47 and it is now or never, fear or no fear. I’m coming out erotically bit by bit day by day and it feels fantastic, freeing, and safe.

By keeping the focus on my mission of sharing joy and healing (including of my own self as a child sexual abuse survivor reclaiming and celebrating my sexuality), of uplifting and supporting others on their sexual exploration journey, along with the love of erotic friends and my spiritual sex mentors beginning with Mary Magdalene and as always, my angels, I am enjoying the journey immensely.

You are invited to take the journey with us at:, where I write my erotic blogs and occasional “With Pleasure” positive sexuality museletter.

For the exceptionally bold, progressive, and adventurous among you – you who do not fear the explicit, I am Endowed Goddess on FetLife and xhamster

So, there you have it. It’s ALL out there now. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! 😉

Seriously, though, kids. Just have fun and play safe.

With pleasure,

*Amrita Waterfalls

[*Amrita is Sanskrit for “nectar” or “ambrosia” and it is a term commonly used in Taoist and Tantric sex circles. Image: “Black Robe Sensual”. Taken by one of my erotic friends, under my artistic and other direction, of course. 😉 ]