Angel Readings $75/session (also via email!)

In preparing to do an angel reading tomorrow, I thought I’d remind you that I do angel readings! $75/session, in-persun, or worldwide via email (3 questions)! Booking: 215-552-8850 cxwriting(at)gmail(dot)com

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New Chapbooks & Ebooks Order Form!

ARtivist Publications
Print and Ebooks by Cassendre Xavier available for sale:
1) secrets & lies: poetry and other words (Original release 2005, Re-issued with new poems added June 2017)
Postpaid printed chapbook (booklet): $7, Ebook: $5
2) Soulmate Attraction for the Rest of Us: Dating & Relationships for the Polyamorous, Recovering, Survivor & Tantric (October 2015)
Postpaid print: $7, Ebook: $5
3) A Survivor Speaks: On Bipolar Disorder, PTSD & Recovery (June 2017)
Postpaid print: $7, Ebook: $5
Methods of Payment:
Check or US Postal Money Order: PAYABLE to CassEndrE Xavier, and mailed to: Cassendre Xavier, 4530 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia PA 19143-3705
Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of the ebook(s) and 2-4 weeks for delivery of the chapbooks.
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3 Chapbooks at poetry reading tonight!

Dear Friends and Total Complete Strangers!

I now stapling the batch of chapbooks I quickly put together a few days ago with the help of one of my supporters… I am pleased that tonight I will have available three chapbooks:

secrets & lies: poetry and other words (expanded with new work!)

Soulmate Attraction: Dating & Relationships for the Polyamorous, Recovering, Survivor, and Tantric (the first of a series I’ll be doing as I work on the actual book)


A Survivor Speaks: On Bipolar Disorder, PTSD & Recovery

I will be reading from secrets & lies (mostly, if not totally) tonight at the:

Closing Reception

6:30 – Cassendre Xavier
7:30 – Angel Hogan
with comedy by Betty Smithsonian
Curated, hosted, and Q&A moderated by Heather Phillips

Pete Checchia Photo & Art Gallery
735 North 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123I We In Out Our event20170608_134938

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r.n. musecat – 5/25/17 (Including artists talk tomorrow!)

I We In Out Our event

r. n. musecat

The renaissance negresse museletter/catalog
Art | Inspiration | Community
by Cassendre Xavier
Thursday, May 25, 2017
Haitian-American multi-media healing artist Cassendre Xavier coined the term *”renaissance negresse” in 2002. A musician, writer, fine artist, and actress, Cassendre (who also has created under the names Amethyste Rah, Amrita Waterfalls, and Endowed Goddess) says the term describes a black woman who is skilled or gifted in 3 or more arts. Xavier is a recipient of a $15,000 Leeway Transformation Award which “supports women and trans artists creating art for social change”. Cassendre founded and directed several Philadelphia arts initiatives including The Women’s Writing & Spoken Word Series (Est. 2002) and The Black Women’s Arts Festival (Est. 2003). She also teaches classes, and leads or co-leads workshops and support groups related to creativity, personal growth, recovery (from abuse and addictions), and relationships. She is originally from Brooklyn, NY and has been living creatively and joyfully in Philadelphia since 1990. [*”Negresse, Negre: In the French- and Spanish-speaking Caribbean Islands, these words often have a connotation of affection, entirely non-racial in meaning. `Ma petite negresse, mon negre, are equivalent to `My dear, my darling, my sweet.'” [From Masters of the Dew, a contemporary classic novel by the Haitian author Jacques Roumain, translated by Langston Hughes and Mercer Cook.]
Hello, Friends & Total Complete Strangers!
Just want to let you know I will be a panelist on an artists’ talk tomorrow, Friday, May 26th, sometime after Phoebe’s performance at 7:30pm. Joining me will be all the artists present, including my friend, poet Angel Hogan.
Pete Checchia Photo & Art Gallery on Thurs. June 8th, 6:30pm, 735 N. 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA 19123
A little about it:
Part of an exhibit called I/We In/Out Our/Own.
Curator: Heather Raquel Phillips
Remaining dates: May 26th, and June 8th
Permanent install artists:
Eric Anthony Berdis
Closing reception:
Thursday June 8th
6:30pm – Cassendre Xavier (poetry)
7:30pm – Angel Hogan performs (poetry)
(after writing all that I Googled the Facebook event and found this copy, from the artist, but I won’t delete what I wrote!)
I/We In/Out Our/Own is a show featuring work & performances by artists who create spaces outside of normative margins, work that demostrates the refusal of negation. The exhibition calls to question not merely the need for equal rights but rather potential alternatives. We ask the question, what happens when you refuse what has been historically refused to you?

Curated by:
Heather Raquel Phillips

Opening reception second Thursday, May 11th, 6-9:30 pm
Performance @7:30 pm by Eric Anthony Berdis
Performance @8:30 pm by Gabriel Ojeda-Sague

Visual Install by:
Liz Barr
Phoebe Wilde (nee Wang)
Eric Anthony Berdis

Performance Friday, May 26th @7:30 pm by:
Phoebe Wilde

Closing Reception second Thursday, June 8th 6-9:30 pm
Performance @6:30 pm Cassendre Xavier
Performance @7:30 pm Angel Hogan
Performance @8:30 pm Betty Smithsonian
Reading poetry at Pete Checchia Photo & Art Gallery on Thurs. June 8th, 6:30pm, 735 N. 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA 19123
Singing at the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market, 30 N. Lansdowne Ave., Lansdowne PA, on Saturday June 24th, 10:30am-12:30pm. Cassendre has written for Wisdom Magazine’s webzine since 2009. For more information about her upcoming workshop “Remembering to Dream: Focusing on the Positive Throughout Life’s Challenges”, or her other projects, visit Cassendre at
Singing, reading poetry, doing workshops, and moderating artist and audience discussions at 11th Black Women’s Arts Festival (Sat-Sun, Sept. 30 & Oct 1 at, 4014 Walnut St, Philadelphia 19104).
Facilitating the workshop Soulmate Attraction for the Rest of Us: Dating & Relationships for the Polyamorous, Recovering, Survivor & Tantric. Monday, Sept. 18th, 6:30pm-8:30pm, at, 4014 Walnut St, Philadelphia 19104). $20 Admission
Recent grants received:
$2,500 Leeway March 2017 Art & Change Grant, to produce the 11th Black Women’s Arts Festival
Love gifts received in the mail… Thank you!
My $10,000 Fundraiser for all of 2017.
Checks/money order donations:
PAYABLE TO: Cassendre Xavier
Mail to: Cassendre Xavier
c/o Bindlestiff Books
4530 Baltimore Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19143-3705
a)Wisdom Magazine articles
I’ve been writing for Wisdom Magazine’s online edition since March 2009, and you can see my articles at:
b)Musical & guided meditation albums and tracks:
c)YouTube videos
Music, poetry, guided meditations, humor, raw food stuffs, and much, much more at 
d)Free, 24-hour Inspiration Line 215-552-8850
Thank you to all of my friends who care, and to all my supporters of various kinds. You who know who you are!
In art, community, and joy no matter what,
Cassendre Xavier
renaissance negresse
multi-media healing artist & organizer
humyn, being.
(c) Copyright 2017 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved, and never let it be said!
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Soulmate Attraction Workshop tickets now available!


Soulmate Attraction for the Rest of Us: A Workshop with Cassendre Xavier

Dating & Relationships for the Polyamorous, Recovering, Survivor & Tantric

This facilitated group discussion and popular workshop is open to all interested participants, ages 18+. Save the date and make this a Monday to remember!

Cassendre Xavier is an inspiring author and performing songwriter who has been studying, practicing, writing, and leading workshops on soulmate attraction since 2009.

Monday, September 18th, 2017

6:30pm-8:30pm (Doors open 6:00pm)

The Rotunda

4014 Walnut St

Philadelphia, PA 19104

$20 (Nonrefundable)

The Rotunda is an acclaimed community cultural arts venue in University City/West Philly, Public transportation-accessible to the Market-Frankford Elevated line, buses 21 & 42, and greenline trolleys 11, 13, and 34.


We all want more love, romance, excitement, adventure and fulfillment in our lives. But the examples we see are often of people who aren’t much like us. Anyone can attract healthy love and companionship regardless of physical, financial, or even emotional status. Learn to maximize the positive about yourself, believe in love, and use tools to nurture yourself into a charm-filled life that will attract all good things to you, including romance. Design your own system of values and desires. Believe you can have what you want, design your living space and your social activities to reach your love goals.

Workshop Presentation Style: Facilited Discussion
Topic: Relationships, Romance, Self-Help
Topic: Basic 101 / How To: Yes
Topic: Sexuality: Yes
Topic: Personal Growth: Yes

MORE ABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Cassendre Xavier has been writing the “Soulmate Attraction for the Rest of Us” series at since 2011, and has presented this popular workshop at the Poly Living Conference in Philadelphia (2015 & 2016), at and Sisterspace Weekend in Darlington, Maryland (2014), and is working on a book of the same title. Cassendre has been living with bipolar and posttraumatic stress disorders her whole life, has been a member of Philadelphia’s LGBT and polyamorous communities since 1991, and from 1996-1999 facilitated Sisters Healing Together, a peer support group for women survivors of incest with a special focus on compulsive overeating, which she also founded, at the William Way LGBT Community Center in Philadelphia. Cassendre is the creator of the popular Affirmations for Survivors guided meditation audio series (“Self-Love” and “Spirituality” were released in 2007; “Sexuality” and “Life Skills” are soon forthcoming). For more information, please visit


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Goddess Sundays: Pregnancy Is a Metaphor

Goddess Sundays
Where every week we explore feminine aspects of the divine.
Pregnancy Is a Metaphor
by Cassendre Xavier
Being able to co-create and carry life within is a highly admired trait often attributed to wimmin and other female beings. But as we now know, one needn’t be female to create or carry life (many offspring-baring species aren’t), and even humyns without typical wombs can now carry life.
 Even before we knew and made these things, the idea of being pregnant was something that goes beyond the ability to make a baby.
 Are you “pregnant with possibility”? We all are!
 Each one of us is gifted with the ability to co-create a thought, an idea, and take action to help make it happen.
 What do you want to bring into your reality?
 What gift(s) do you have to offer the world, or even more importantly, yourself?
 Don’t think that if you are a male or a wombless female that you cannot be in a way pregnant.
 You can!
 Think today about how you can give birth… to a new part of you… to a dream you have not yet spoken… to perhaps maybe even a whole new life of your own.
 Be a blessing to the world by being a blessing to yourself…Make something happen…
 And give birth.
(c) Copyright 2017 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved.
 Read the author’s monthly column at Visit the author’s website at
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Ask that the Solution Be Comfortable

When you pray to leave a situation, ask that it happen in a way that is both best and comfortable for everyone involved. -Cassendre XavierIMG_20170418_163839_985

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