Day 5 Water Fast: Yesterday’s Success,Today’s Goal &Fasting Tips! (New YouTube video!)

* Yesterday’s Success: I reached yesterday’s goal!
* Today’s Goal: Stay focused, keep my eyes on the prize, and manage my cravings!
* Fasting Tips:
1) Check your blood pressure and/or blood sugar levels regularly (if you have hypertension and/or diabetes).
2) Remember the reasons you are fasting, and don’t let “faux hunger” (aka cravings) remove you from your path of GREATitude!
3) Relax. Take it easy. Go slow. Be kind to yourself. 🙂
4) As a very wise Chinese Fortune Cookie once read, “Keep your dreams secret for now.” Don’t share too much about your fasting goals before you are strong enough to actually reach them. Share only enough to support you with accountability and/or inspire and support others.
5) Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the challenges and temptations that go with fasting. Take slow, deep breaths as necessary, and focus on only one moment and one day at a time.
6) Nurture yourself by engaging various senses (emotional, tactile, olfactory). This will allow you to feel more satiated, without food, which will help you resist temptations.
Some examples include:
a) Engaging in positive activities (hobbies, crafts, tasks you’ve been procrastinating about, social time with supportive, low-stress people, solo social time, such as treating yourself to a movie).
b) Massage your body (especially your feet) with a healthy, food grade oil, such as cold pressed extra virgin coconut or olive oil. This is a way to not only comfort yourself during the fast, but also reduce stress, and give your skin some nutrients.
c) Put scents around you, spray perfume, etc. Smelling wonderful things that smell nothing like food really helps pass the fasting time and improve the fasting experience. I know, I said “fasting” a little too much. Fasting on the brain! It’s gotta be, I suppose! Focus on the fasting! 🙂

Using all of these various senses (emotional, tactile, olfactory) allow you to feel more satiated, without food, which will help you resist temptations to prematurely stop your fast.

7) For more fasting support and inspiration, check out “A Healthy Alternative” (AHA) at AHA is a quickly growing, large community with a very active Facebook Group and vibrant YouTube channel. Check us out!

Stay well!

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