Food Journal: Intermittent Fasting

So I’m trying this thing called “intermittent fasting.” I first heard of it, in other terms, from Paul Nison, who is a religious raw vegan, who said to stop eating at 3pm. This made sense to me, because it goes with the idea of nature and our bodies starting to retire for the day, including digestively, as the afternoon becomes evening.
I had prior to that, stopped eating at 7pm, and felt better, but nothing compared to what happened when I stopped eating at 3pm. I have done that from time to time and brought it back more often when I recently began my weight loss efforts.
I now believe that stopping eating at 3pm contributed significantly to my few pounds shed recently.
I don’t have to do this every day (I aim for a minimum of twice a week), but I have decided to make it a regular part of my life going forward.
After all, I’m trying to build a life-long regimen, and make a lifestyle change for positive results that last forever.
That being said, I’m awake now, at 1:16am, writing out of a need to not eat!
From what I understand intermittent fasting is when you go for 16-18 hours without eating.
My personal schedule is eating from 7am-3pm. (This is easy to remember because it’s my favorite shift when I have worked many times as a barista!)
Things that work for me are:
*Green smoothie and salads
*Whole grains (brown rice, brown pasta, sweet potatoes and yams)
*Raw organic apple cider vinegar
*Parmesan grated cheese for low sodium flavor
*Going to sleep early to avoid the kitchen(eating)
Staying in the bedroom and writing or watching YouTube instead of going downstairs and watching TV, because watching TV makes me eat, and downstairs is where the kitchen is and being in or near the kitchen makes me eat.
*Drinking water when I’m hungry/think I’m hungry/am nervous,sad,frustrated,or stressed

Today I am thankful for friends, the place I live, twice-weekly therapy (and the tax payers who provide it) and all the blessings therein!

Thank you for reading,


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