Please Respect My Inspirational Writing 

Just a wee rant, my friends. Take it with the block of salt that my many moods warrant!

This began as a tiny little comment on social media but then it just growed and growed! 
If you want to get blocked, leave a snide or sarcastic comment on one of my inspirational posts. I am serious about my work, and I can’t stand snark. It isn’t playful to me. It offends, hurts my feelings, makes light of (and has the direct opposite effect of when people thank me for) my efforts. Please take that “playfulness” elsewhere. 

 Yesterday I posted “When in doubt, be grateful.” Someone responded, “When in doubt, doubt.” 

 Is that funny? Then post your humor on YOUR timeline. I am not here to provide a forum for anyone’s comedy.

 Do you want to show how clever you are? Please use your timeline for that.

 Remember, the renaissance negresse has the bipolar disorders. At any time she could be in a highly irritable mood and have zero-zip-zippety tolerance for disrespectful nonsense.

 Don’t you know it takes effort to be bright and shiny in a dark and gloomy world? To bring the light out every single day, to share it with others every day in hopes of reaching one persun who will feel a little less down, a little more hopeful, and give us ALL a little more strength. 

 I am here to help us remember the positive side of the world, the good stuff the light and the love in it.

 I am here to help us all continue living well, getting on with our day and our joys and our meaningful workery-type activitations.

 I LOVE what I do, I’ve been doing this since the early 90s and I’m not about to quit anytime soon.

 Most of the time I hear nothing about it. I just do it because I must, because it’s my own medicine, in addition to being my gift to the world. I am aware that the motivation to be an inspirational writer is God’s gift to me, so I feel compelled to celebrate and show appreciation and respect for that gift.

 That means that I write inspiration as often as I can (Daily or even hourly posts on the Facebooks and the Twitters, my blogs, and my YouTube channel), and by any means necessary (webzines I have written for include Wisdom Magazine and InnerSelf Magazine), and even self-made zines and chapbooks printed at office supply stores. 

 I do this because inspirational writing is my passion.

 I do receive some “likes”, and once in a while I receive positive feedback, a nice email, a comment on one of my posts. These go very far with, and are greatly appreciated by me.

 But for the most part I write and don’t hear back, and that is fine with me because I am not doing this for applause or praise, any more than a physician or minister does her work for applause or praise.

 When I receive a snarky comment, if I know the persun and have otherwise positive experiences with them, I’ll just delete the comment.

 But if it’s a stranger, I make ’em go bye-bye with the block or unfriend button, depending on level of snarkery (aka “snarkation”).

 I don’t usually do rants but I felt compelled to do this one, and I believe there is room in the world for righteous anger, such as when Christ expressed his less than cheerful feelings about the money changers in the house of the Lord.

 Anyway, please don’t show me the snark. Snark is the opposite of angels. The opposite of inspiration.  The opposite of what makes the renaissance negresse happy. Not sure how to respond to my posts?

 When in doubt, be silent.

Or rather, be grateful! 
Thanks for letting me share!


About cassendre

aka Amethyste Rah, aka Amrita Waterfalls “renaissance negresse & ARTrepreneur” (musician/writer/actress/fine artist) Leeway Transformation Award-Winning founder & executive director of the Black Women’s Arts Festival (Est. 2003) and the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series (Est. 2002). Visit:
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