Affirming Abundance: Spend Some Money! (Inspiration Line Update!)

Dear Friends and Total Complete Strangers!

Yesterday morning at 9 I posted the following on Facebook:

New message on my Free, 24-hour Inspiration Line! “Affirming Abundance: Spend Some Money!” (215-552-8850) Written article of the same title and topic coming soon at cassEndrExavier dot wordpress dot com, or cassEndrExavier dot blogspot dot com. (Never let it be said!)

Here now is that article!

Sunday, March 5, 2017
3:30pm, Glenolden, Pennsylvania, USA

Affirming Abundance: Spend Some Money!

Friday night I went out to dinner with a dear platonic female poet friend, someone whom I haven’t seen in over a year and possibly for as long as 2 years, due to my extremely non-social mental health and other issues at the time…
Afterwards I was headed to where I am now, a sweetie-turned-part-time host/provider of lodge-ational qualities.
I had two travel options, one of which would cut my travel time in half which I would have greatly appreciated as it was getting late, and I was tired and yearned to lie down, rest, and retire for the evening.
Trouble is, it was only Friday, and my SEPTA Zone 1 monthly TransPass would not have covered my ride. I thought of and began planning to fudge my way to a free ride.
I was going to show the conductor my pass, and hope he let my story of mistaking Friday for a weekend slide. I told my dining companion my plan, and I was cheerful about it. Then I recalled that I had in my wallet not one, but two, count ’em, TWO tickets for that ride, purchased a couple of months earlier, in case I needed to use them.
I realized, that well, guess, what sweetie, Ya need to use one now!
So often we are reluctant to spend what we have, and this happens most often when we see our funds or resources start to run low.
Everything we do is done in the spirit of either faith and abundance, or fear and scarcity. I knew that if I kept with my plan of trying to get a free ride I would be affirming fear and scarcity to the universe and I would then attract circumstances that matched that feeling and state of mind. If I didn’t use one of my two tickets, I would be saying in essence, “I don’t have,” and “I can’t afford…” I noticed my feelings behind wanting to not use one of the tickets… I was afraid I would not be able to buy more when I needed them.
Quickly I steered the ship if my mind’s thoughts to the opposite direction…
First I immediatedly decided against trying to get a free ride. I determined to use a ticket, and then I started to notice my feelings there again…. Some of them were fear of an even lower supply, but then I started applying the medicine of gratitude and self-affirmation…
I realized how awesome it was that I had not only been able to provide for myself a monthly TransPass, but that I had easily been able to buy those two tickets. I told myself those were there precisely for my use, and that now I had a need to use them.
I reminded myself that money always comes, and of the importance of keeping the energetic flow of money moving – not letting it become stagnant.
So I invite you to do the same thing:
Keep your flow of abundance moving and going, because then you are attracting more. As it goes it must return, yes?

Here is what to think when you start running low of funds:

1)I am connected to the Divine Source of All abundance and prosperity. This amount of (whatever you have and are monitoring or worried about) is NOT a measure of my worth, my quality of life, nor what is ultimately possible for me. I trust, and all is well.
2)I am grateful for what I have and I know I will both create and attract even more.
3)When I have less, I am still joyful and abundant. I just have less.
4)This resource is here for me to spend and enjoy. I am grateful for this and my spending it completes the circle of my energetic flow. I trust, and all is well.
5)When I spend money, I and my money benefit others. I am thrilled to be able to contribute to the universe’s wellness by sharing what I have!
6)I am prosperous in all ways. Even my troubles are here to bless me, if I seek their lessons, learn, and move on. I become a better persun when I easily accept everything in my life, and make the best and most of it. Sometimes my prosperity shows and sometimes it doesn’t, but I always know it is there. I always know I am a prosperous persun!
7)My heart is full of joy, love, and light. This attracts better things to me, and I am aligned with all of my good!
8)It is my earthly and Divine duty to share what I have. I remember this when my funds are low. “If you have one dollar, you have enough to share.” –mother of pop icon Rhianna, recently awarded honors for her philanthropy

May you always trust in your own abundance and prosperity, regardless of what your wallet, bank account, or kitchen cupboards show.
AFFIRM: I prosper in all good things. I trust, and all is well!

Very best to you,

Cassendre Xavier
Multi-Media Healing Artist
Community Arts Organizer
Creator of the Cassendre Xavier Inspiration Line (215-552-8850)
(The Inspiration Line is FREE for all inspired callers, but the suggested donation is $22/month, more if you can, less if you can’t.)
Donations of any amount are joyously and gratefully received!

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