Poppy Seeds &Cigarette Smoke: Seeing the blessings in challenging situations

Poppy Seeds and Cigarette Smoke: Seeing the blessings in a challenging situation…

by Cassendre Xavier

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I am a passive smoker now. I learned this term yesterday when Googling the effects of living with a smoker.
About a couple of weeks ago I started staying with one of my sweeties, whom I have been dating since June. Assisting with my current situation of dealing with one of my life challenge/life skill issues of maintaining sufficient income for/or otherwise obtaining steady, independent housing, he offered me to stay with him.
But he smokes. In fact, he’s a chain smoker.
While it bothered me when we were just dating, I was able to get away from the cigarette smoke for the days and sometimes 2 weeks between our dates.
Now, unless I take time off and away, I am surrounded by it much of time. (Thankfully he does not smoke on the second floor, which is where the bedrooms are and where I often get away to if needed.)
I abhor the smell of cigarette smoke. And I have a very strong sense of smell.
Walking around during the day, outside of the house, I can smell the smoke on my clothes, and it disgusts me that I not only smell that bad, but that others now smell this on me and think I am a smoker, which I wouldn’t give a hairy turd about if I actually were!
I was becoming so disturbed about the fact that I am now reaping the glowing health benefits (sarcasm!!) of secondhand smoke, and that I am now an odiferous walking advertisement for NOT taking on or continuing this harmful habit, that I decided to switch gears.
I chose to see cigarette smoke in two ways:
1)As a sign that I had yet again been so committed to creating my own positive, independent housing situation that I attracted a situation that had built-in guards to ensure I wouldn’t stay too long.
2)As something to be grateful for, as the cigarette smoke was from someone who is acting as a friend and trying to help me out.

I also recalled an article I had read from one of the associates of bestselling author Arielle Ford (Soulmate Secret, and Wabi Sabi Love). This persun was talking about her own experience of Wabi Sabi Love, in that her husband drove her crazy always leaving poppy seeds on the kitchen sink and counter. No matter how many times this woman pleaded and nagged, the poppy seeds would reappear morning after morning after his breakfast bagel.
The woman was invited to imagine one morning NOT seeing the poppy seeds. She said she immediately felt very saddened and almost started to cry at the thought, because she realized that no poppy seeds meant no “Joe” or whatever his name is!
So I did that, and I am doing that. Whenever I experience the negative side effects of the cigarette smoke that my companion and helper creates in his home, which he is generously sharing with me, I just re-channel those feelings into whatever will help me to improve my situation. And it has caused some action this week, on beginning to apply for state-assisted housing for people with severe mental illness (I have the qualifying Bipolar 2 Disorder), as well as developing other thoughts for my professional projects and how I can begin to earn income again if not sooner, then definitely later.
I am so grateful for all that comes to give me relief, even if it isn’t perfect, because I know humyns aren’t perfect, and I also know there are benefits to everything, if I am willing to look for and/or create them.

I wish you so much joy in your life, and that you are increasing in your realization that most of your feelings about your life and all of its contents are totally within your control. YOU control how you feel and what you make of everything that happens.
Make it good, and make yourself a beautiful day!

Thanks for listening,

Multi-Media Healing Artist

Copyriight (c) 2017 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved.

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aka Amethyste Rah, aka Amrita Waterfalls “renaissance negresse & ARTrepreneur” (musician/writer/actress/fine artist) Leeway Transformation Award-Winning founder & executive director of the Black Women’s Arts Festival (Est. 2003) and the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series (Est. 2002). Visit: http://cassendrexavier.com
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