On the Rag Again – My Willie Nelson Parody (with Lyrics!)

On The Rag Again
Dear Friendation Types!
As you know I make it my mission in life to share all joys therein, so as to invite others to be a celebratin’ with me!
Well, I have so much love in my heart for the blood that comes from my girlhole!
It is day two of my glorious moon cycle and even though I just had a blow out that required cleanage I am still joyous and blessed for having worn pants seemingly of the perfect material for just such an occurification!
I dare and invite you to enjoy a little dittie country great Willie Nelson and I wrote together a long long time ago! We just made the song in two separate studios, in two separate decades. You know – the usual!
Easy to remember link: TinyURL.com/OnTheRagAgain
A funny song about that Time of the Month by singer-songwriter Cassendre Xavier a.k.a. Amethyste Rah aka Amrita Waterfalls http://cassendrexavier.blogspot.com/.
On the Rag Again (words by Cassendre Xavier and Willie Nelson, music by Willie Nelson)
on the rag again
oh i’m so glad to be on the rag again
some women say that it’s a great big drag for them
but i’m so glad to be on the rag again
on the rag again
guess you could say that i’m a bleedin’ fan
oh how i love to welcome my sweet monthly friend
i celebrate being on the rag again
on the rag again
like a herd of witches circling round the moon
it’s that time again
the PMS and cramps, it all can’t come too soon
i think i’m gonna swoon
‘cos i’m on the rag again
everyone knows i’m on the rag again
‘cos i can’t stop myself from saying when i can
that i’m so glad to be on the rag again
so true i’m glad to be on the rag again
yeah this here gal is on the rag again
guess what, you guys, i’m on the rag again
don’t hate me ‘cos i’m on the rag again
so beautiful to be on the rag again
(c) Copyright by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved. (That’s the parody part. All the Willie Nelson part is his own copyright and stuff like that there.)
Tags: parody, menstruation, period, moon, cycle, funny, humor, comedy, laughter, healing, power, goddess, spirit, red, tent, ritual, Susan, Weed, Billie, Potts, heal, wise, womon, womyn, wimmin, herbal, herb, fun, renaissance, negresse.
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About cassendre

aka Amethyste Rah, aka Amrita Waterfalls “renaissance negresse & ARTrepreneur” (musician/writer/actress/fine artist) Leeway Transformation Award-Winning founder & executive director of the Black Women’s Arts Festival (Est. 2003) and the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series (Est. 2002). Visit: http://cassendrexavier.com
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