CASSENDRE XAVIER | renaissance negresse

International Month, Week & Day of Black Women in the Arts


Dear Friends!

February is International Month of Black Women in The Arts, sponsored by The Black Women’s Arts Festival!

Celebrate by:
a) Learning about black women in the fine, performing, literary, culinary, and healing arts!
b) Becoming a m/patron to a black woman in the aforementioned arts!
c) Take a big step in forwarding your own identity (not necessarily career) as a black woman in the aforementioned arts!
d) Network with or subscribe to news by and about The Black Women’s Arts Festival, an annual showcase of multi-media creative and healing arts, and workshops by black women in Philadelphia, since 2003. BWAF Philly is, and always, has been, “open to all respectful persons.” It’s by us, for everyone! 
If you missed the most recent one (October 24-26, 2015), be sure not to miss the next!
In art, sisterhood, and community,
Cassendre Xavier
renaissance negresse (musician, writer, actress, fine artist)
$15,000 Leeway Transformation Award-Winning
Founder & Executive Director of The Black Women’s Arts Festival
Very special thanks to Sheila Cicchi for including our events in her wonderful Brownielocks website of wonderful holidays!
Also see our sponsored holiday week:
Feb. 7-15 – International Week of Black Women in The Arts
*Feb. 7 – International Day of Black Women in The Arts
*Founder’s Birthday 😉