Women’s Writing Series Latest Schedule & Call for Features

Women's Writing Series logo by Amira Hanafi
Dear Friends:
I just spent some time inviting folks to feature at the Women’s Writing & Spoken Word Series.
The Women’s Writing & Spoken Word Series (Est. 2002) is “a nurturing environment that celebrates women in the craft of multi-genre writing”. It happens on 2nd Thursdays of the month, from 7pm-9pm, at Big Blue Marble bookstore in West Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. It’s always free and open to the public, and always includes a Mixed-Gender Open Mic. Women writers from diverse backgrounds and at all levels of “accomplishment” are welcome to feature. Each event typically has two (2) features, who read/perform/share for up to 20 minutes each. In more recent years, we have video recorded featured readers and posted the clips to YouTube.
Would you like to be a feature? Please send the following for consideration (Contact Form at the bottom of this page for your conveniage!):
~ A 200 maximum word bio about your writing. It can be written in a style that’s as serious or as whimsical as you wish. Please include this bio in the body of the email – no attachments.
~ A pic attachment of yourself – face is best.
~ Public contact info (URLs of blog, website, Facebook, email address, etc.) This will be included at the end of your bio.
~ Answer to this question: May I or someone else on behalf of The Women’s Writing & Spoken Word Series record a short video of you (1 to 5 minutes) to post publicly on YouTube/the internet?
Latest schedule:
Nov. 13: Victoria Brownworth; Lisa R. Nelson
Dec. 11: Phyllis Voren; To Be Announced (TBA)
Jan. 8: Debra D’Alessandro; TBA
Feb. 12: Susan DiPronio; TBA
As you can see, we get booked early and we get booked fast! So if you’re interested, act now, for the offer, it ends soon!
Here’s our latest newsletter: http://bit.ly/October2014WomensWritingSeriesNews
Here’s the link to our gracious hosting venue: http://bigbluemarblebooks.com
[Image: Official logo of the Women’s Writing & Spoken Word Series: a handcrafted book by former Series feature Amira Hanafi, who now lives, writes, and makes art in Egypt.]

About cassendre

aka Amethyste Rah, aka Amrita Waterfalls “renaissance negresse & ARTrepreneur” (musician/writer/actress/fine artist) Leeway Transformation Award-Winning founder & executive director of the Black Women’s Arts Festival (Est. 2003) and the Women's Writing & Spoken Word Series (Est. 2002). Visit: http://cassendrexavier.com
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